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Metro, launched in 2001, is VMC’s flagship system. Metro is a third generation cashless payment solution combining ‘electronic purse’, hospitality, loyalty and subsidy management capabilities in one integrated system. It extends and enhances the functionality of the first VMC cashless systems ChangeCard and ChangeKey – both market leaders for the last 10 years.


Metro offers a comprehensive range of capabilities including:

  • Cashless payments
  • Photo ID
  • Time and attendance
  • Computer log-in
  • Security and access control


Integrated Applications

VMC develops and supplies cashless payment solutions designed to partner and integrate with existing software and applications.

We work in partnership with a number of leading manufacturers to ensure that the client has a totally integrated system – ranging from high level security, with restricted door entry if required, to photo identification, facial recognition, time and attendance, photocopy control and IT secure authentication.

This is a key element of VMC’s ‘one card does it all’ easy to manage, economical and reliable system.


MIFARE® fully compliant with ISO 14443A, is an industry standard contactless and dual interface smart card schemes. It is a well proven RF communication technology for transmitting data between a card and a reader device.

For multi-application cards, the MIFARE® Standard IC can support up to 15 different applications on the chip, each with its own dedicated keys and memory area.

Today, over 200 million MIFARE® Standard ICs are in use around the globe, covering more than 85% (source: Frost & Sullivan, 2000) of the contactless smart card market. As such, MIFARE® Standard represents the de-facto industry standard and is the benchmark for competing technologies.


The LEGIC® contactless smart card technology has been developed to ideally support the design of applications such as access control, cashless payment, IT access and other person related services providing maximum security, scalability and cost-effective investment protection. With over 50,000 installations and over 160 licensed cooperation partners world-wide LEGIC® is a leading technology platform for any kind of single and multifunctional company and leisure cards.

  • State-of-the-art 13.56 MHz passive read/write
  • Multi-industry standard compliant (ISO 15693, 14443 and LEGIC RF)
  • Read/write range from proximity (20cm) up to hands-free (1.2m)
  • Advanced high security up to 3DES encryption
  • Up to 127 user applications on one card
  • High security key management


HID Corporation, iCLASS, a new contactless smart card technology optimized for physical access control, IT secure authentication, and other applications. iCLASS is user-friendly, delivering the convenience, affordability and reliability of proximity technology for which HID is known worldwide. iCLASS technology is based on the 13.56 MHz frequency which meets numerous ISO standards aloowing a broader range of uses for the card.

iCLASS cards and readers offer several unique features that put it a step ahead of traditional radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. These features include:

  • Cryptographic data storage
  • Mutual authentication
  • Secure reading and writing of data
  • User definable access keys

All radio frequency data transmission between the card and reader is encrypted using a secure algorithm. By using industry standard encryption techniques, iCLASS reduces the risk of compromised data or duplicated cards. For even higher security, card data may also be protected with DES or triple DES encryption.


Catering Applications

VMC has established links to a range of electronic point of sale systems. These systems offer state of the art operation, together with Microsoft driven management software.

DX890 / TX870e / TX870

For the last two decades, Uniwell has focused exclusively on developing fast,reliable and affordable EPOS systems; we’ve been so successful that many of our earliest models are still being used today, over 15 years on.

Choice of Touch Screens

Uniwell can now offer the benefits of touch screen technology to an even wider range of customers with the introduction of 3 new touch screen models that deliver a powerful mix of reliability, speed and affordability. All 3 terminals share the same TFT display that provides outstanding colour definition, wide viewing angles and ultra high brightness.

Reliable Hardware

Designed specifically for Point of Sale, they combine solid state memory, passively cooled electronics and embedded software. With no moving parts they deliver time and time again, providing an extremely reliable solution capable of withstanding the challenging conditions found in hospitality and catering environments.

Embedded Software

Uniwell have been developing POS software in the UK, specifically for the UK market, for over 20 years. The result is a system that truly reflects the requirements of UK hospitality and catering operators. The flexibility of the software enables the system to be configured for restaurants, café, catering outlets as well as bars, night clubs and hotels.

Protecting Your Investment

With both the hardware and software from the same supplier incompatibility problems are a thing of the past. It also ensures that the software does not outgrow the hardware, protecting your investment in our technology.

EPoS Management Software

VMC provides Microsoft driven software that allows for all EPoS terminals to be controlled from the central catering office. The software allows for automatic daily report collection from each terminal and provides a thorough sales analysis and comprehensive range of reports.


VMC Vending image

VMC’s Metro cashless reader is compatible with Multi Drop Bus (MDB), Executive (protocol ‘A’), and priceline vending machines. It is available in contact and contactless key or card versions. The large backlit LCD graphics display personally welcomes each key/card user, and provides a clear reading of available credit and subsidies. With the addition of a coin mechanism, the reader will support ‘on-machine’ key/card revaluation, as well as coin pay vends (if required).

Features Summary

  • Euro ready
  • Compatible with 'contact' or 'contactless' cards/keys
  • Clear backlit LCD display for personalised greetings
    and customer instructions
  • Card/Key deposit management feature
  • 500 user group audit and discount controls
  • Hotlist database for lost cards
  • Retains last 100 transactions for viewing locally
    using a handheld terminal or Metro Manage
  • Machine access can be restricted by user group
  • Check Key/Card balance facility Supports MDB,
    Executive and G13 coin mechanisms
  • Infra-Red data transfer (EVA DTS)

Components / Rating

  • Ratings 18-24v ac, 24-34v dc Re-settable fuse
  • Machine interface cablesupplied
  • EVA - CVS compliant card/key reader incorporating 4 x 20 alpha numeric LCD display
  • Exchangeable SIM card module for plug & play support configuration


  • Dimensions: 114mm(h) x 83mm(w) x 91mm(d)
  • Materials:
    Enclosure - Powder coated mild steel (Black RAL 9005)
    Facia - Injection moulded Bayblend
    Lens - Perspex with hard coat protection
  • Weight - 590 grams

Value Loader

Coin & Note Value loaders provide cash ‘top up’ facilities accepting up to eight coin and four note denominations. The unit incorporates a note stacker, lockable note vault and coin box.

The Metro Visitor Card terminal is a ‘total’ smartcard management solution providing 24-hour visitor card dispensing facilities. Cards returned to the terminal are collected and any remaining balances are refunded. The terminal is configurable to manage card deposits and card return ‘timeout’ restrictions.

Features Summary (Value Loader)

  • Euro ready
  • Compatible with 'contact' or 'contactless' cards/keys
  • Clear backlit LCD display for personalised greetings and customer instructions
  • Card deposit management feature
  • Advanced security features
  • Graphic instruction panel
  • Accepts up to 4 note and 8 coin denominations
  • Retains last 100 transactions for viewing using a handheld terminal or Metro Manager
  • Machine access can be restricted by user group
  • Lockable coin box and note vault
  • Door alarm and door entry log feature
  • Infra-Red data transfer (EVA DTS)

Features Summary (Visitor Terminal)

  • 200 card capacity
  • Accepts up to 4 note denominations
  • Coin refunds in 2 denominations via internal hoppers
  • Ł1 and 20p as default
  • Extended audit including deposit and refund data
  • Slide out components for ease of maintenance
  • Clear backlit LCD display for personalised greetings and customer instructions
  • Graphic instruction panel
  • Door Alarm and door entry log feature

Components / Rating

  • High security multi-point lock
  • Integral power supply (Single phase 90-270V ac) with 3A fuse
  • EVA (DTS) compliant card/key reader incorporating 4 x 20 alpha numeric LCD display
  • Exchangeable SIM card module for plug & play support configuration


  • Dimensions:
    Value Loader - 738mm(h) x 238mm(w) x 237mm(d)
    Visitor Card - 738mm(h) x 238mm(w) x 362mm(d)
  • Materials:
    Cabinet - Powder coated mild steel (Grey RAL 7036)
    Door - Silver anodised aluminium extrusion with black (RAL 9005) end caps,
    charcoal patterned stainless steel facia panel
    Glass effect perspex graphic instruction panel
  • Power cable entry at rear
    (central top position)
  • Weight - Value Loader 14 Kg unladen
  • Weight - Visitor Terminal 21 Kg unladen